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“On the Other Side of the Fence” is a broadway-style musical with a universal theme of acceptance that promotes empathy, compassion, understanding and unity. Written over thirty years ago by music therapist and award winning composer/ playwright Andrea Green, “On the Other Side of the Fence” is published by Samuel French Inc. The therapeutic version as seen in the documentary “On the Other Side of the Fence” is published by Andrea Green Music. This musical has been performed by scores of schools and community theater groups across the country. The metaphorical story line is easy to relate to, the songs are deeply engaging and the message of acceptance resonates as strongly today as it did when it was originally written.


In two worlds that appear to be vastly different a friendship develops between Ham and Bacon, pigs who live on two sides of a fence between two barnyards. A longstanding feud between Franklin and Fred, farmers who live on neighboring/opposing farms, has prevented the animals on both sides from communicating with one another. Despite this obstacle, Ham and Bacon and all of the animals express how they feel about the situation and look for peaceful solutions, for the fence to be taken way. Entertaining songs such as “I Dig That Pig”, “Grin and Bear It”, “We’ve Got to Work Together”, and “Good Friends” keep audiences involved with the message of accepting differences. More at:


To listen to some of the music from the "On the Other Side of the Fence" musical, select either track below:


On the Other Side of the Fence - Soundtrack
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Good Friends - Soundtrack
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Watch the On the Other Side of the Fence City Hall Proclamation!

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